How to Get Australian Visa

If you are searching for different visas that can be applied for Australia and how to get Australian Visa, you are at the right place to get your answers. There are different types of visas we may think about when it comes to going to a particular country. But, here we will be talking about types of visas which can be applied for Australia if you are planning to come to Australia.

1. Student Visa: The very first and the most popular one is Student Visa and you may have to contact any Student Advisor (Agent) and he or she may be able to guide to choose a University or College on the basis of your current studies. An agent may also be able to help to choose a course from a list variety of courses you may opt for. You can also be able to apply for it on your own but if you are applying for a student visa for the first time, we would recommend go with an agent. Considering the fresh starting student as well as the exchange student, the visa you get is student visa for both the cases.

1.1 Research Visa: The second visa which falls under the category of student as well as work visa is the research visa. The best thing about this visa is that you will get the full working rights along with your studies. Let me be very clear about this visa now, it is not very easy to get a research visa. You should have a degree in the field in which you would like to start your research (Doctorate Degree) and after getting your application approved from your supervisor and the University, you can apply for this visa by using the COE for your course.

2. Visitor Visa: Now, Let’s talk about the Visitor Visa or we can also call it Tourist Visa. Anybody is able to apply for the tourist visa if you have enough funds to show in your account. As the main motive of this visa is to visit Australia as a tourist, you should be able to show the money so that the visa officer could able to see that you are actually be able to stay in Australia and willing to spend some money while staying there. The visa length varies from 6 months to 2 to 3 years depending on the visa officer. But, you can always apply for another visitor visa if one gets expired.

3. Australian Work Visa: This visa is basically awarded to people who wants to work in Australia on the basis of their skills. To be eligible for this visa, you should have the required work experience along with a job offer letter from a company in Australia who are willing to give you a job when you land in Australia. This is very competitive as companies try to find the suitable people who are already there instead of bringing people from overeas.


4. Graduate Visa: This visa is awarded to the graduates after completion of their studies in Australia. The length of the visa depends upon the degree of diploma the student has completed while living in Australia. A graduate visa length varies from 18 months to 4 years, depending on the courses.


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